Wednesday, April 22, 2009


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"The limitless sky of meditation.
The clear moonlight of wisdom.
The truth revealed as eternal stillness.
This earth is the pure lotus-land..."


Monday, April 20, 2009

early spring morning, just days away from may 1st

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This will have to be an annual project!! Watching "disintegration"? Hmmm? Witnessing change, yes. Drawn outdoors, to "check" the bundles, and SEEING the transformation not so much in the art, but in the setting. Snow has never ever seemed as tenderly beautiful as it did this year, nestling my little bundles out there. May 1st, I'll have to post side-by-side shots of nature's effects.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


we know.
it all depends.
it all depends on where you're standing,
if you want to make the next move,
take that extra step.
do you question if it'll be worth it?
or do you know that it will be.
it will be, because it is, afterall,
there. and what you do when you're THERE
is the difference.

is the lake always filling, or always full?




Postcard for Jeanine, Waiting "On the Cusp"

gratitude is lightness, unburdening
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Thursday, April 2, 2009


i gave this personal techy journaling place of mine the name OPENINGS CONNECTING. i think it's about
NOTICINGS, of the openings, that are connecting....things, people, ideas, beliefs,and, musings, and a few how to's and why not's.

today, some of that opening "magic" touched my little world connecting a young woman, long a favorite artist/jeweler JEANINE PAYER in san franciso, and me,in kalamazoo. that coming together came at a point of resonance. january 20th, us,~~~you,me,them. we were watching, listening intently to our tv's. here. and there. and almost everywhere. i was snapping photos of my screen, alone, jerry gone for the day. it is beyond my words. perhaps it's in obama's words, in elizabeth alexander's (in the photo above) inaugural poem "PRAISE SONG FOR THE DAY". we shared the unbelievable, at-last joy of being "on the brink, on the brim, on the cusp,"..."any thing can be made, any sentence begun."

and so, a few days later, i wrote to jeanine through her website. for twenty years jeanine has honored the word, the life of poetry and it's power, in such an exquisite manner. i said in my email, YOU MUST...use this inaugural poet woman's words! and the rest of the story is described on her blog GLIMPSE for wednesday, april 1, called ELEMENTS OF CHANGE at . i'm the "FAN imploring her to contact the poet"; the "woman who was so emphatic" described in her first paragraph. a woman she doesn't know. but we do know one another because we shared a universal moment and the feelings it created. and now, words from the inaugural poem are inscribed on pieces in her latest collection. and she has given pieces to michelle obama and daughters, oprah winfrey, and ME(be still my heart!)..among others. and are available to you, too. bravo, jeanine payer and studio!! amazing. the strength and significance of belief and shared consciousness is remarkable, more so after such a long period of disparagement in our world.