Sunday, September 27, 2009





night held the soil's warmth
as it rolled in its chill...
the morning's ground cloud
a soft, cool embrace
muffled my senses to its departure
like early life's loves.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

and then there was CHOCOLATE





there were handmade dark chocolate truffles
and apple pie

and a long drive home.

my renewed love of the great outdoors
supporting all just causes..
the spirit, beauty, and delicious detours.
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local color

back in an orchard again~~ take me home country roads. childhood memories. places to "run away" to, hide out, pout, find some peace and still make it home for dinner.

not only a good year for flowers, apples too. perhaps i haven't looked closely in a long time, but this seems overly bountiful ... laden...strong branches holding the wealth. could it be the chocolate fumes from down the road?

Friday, September 25, 2009





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LOVELY DAY.....finally out of the slump i've been in...out into apple orchards and big skies and chocolate gardens. that's where this hollyhock was, the chocolate garden. hand made truffles just down the road from the apple orchards around a few bends from the farm where i spent my childhood.

hollyhock about 12 feet high, leaning out and waving around.

And the little bouquet i brought home for the table.
more tomorrow. just pretty healthy stuff. fresh cool air. autumn sun. breezes and whispy clouds. tomorrow, more photos and the apple pie, oh my.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

don't leave home without the camera

but that's what i did this morning. no camera. odd morning. for me. the car in the shop too long, after my scrape with the garage door, and i had to be at a school at 8 share some thoughts on classroom environment with my friend's group of interns. it's been over two years.
i'm the passenger, barely awake, and wham. the tree lined road making its tunnel to drive through, vapors drifting from the fields and lake on the side of the road......

early surprise as
sun shafts warmed the grounded clouds
below trees' canopy

see? a picture IS worth a thousand words, and more than 17 syllables, for sure.

Saturday, September 12, 2009





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a bit more fun from water street gallery and current/or former michigan artists!! stephen hansen and kirk newman.....





Another of graceann's pieces, with birds and egg!!! HOPE.

i can't seem to flip the next two, SO turn sideways to see the two photos of the ten inch square piece that i own, with small envelopes and numbers 1-6.

i was drawn to the color, and to quote her from an interview: "...the concept of synesthesia. I'll look at a color and I'll taste it- as if colors have flavors. And numbers have colors...I think for me abstract art, especially color and form, have something to do with that, because when I look at an abstract painting I can taste it or I can hear it. Edges of color, one edge of color against another, that connection, that line that they make, is heartbreaking to me sometimes. Or it's joyful. I has emotion---there's a word that I can put to it that has an emotional meaning. Rothko has always been like that to me. The edges of where a red fades off to a black---it can make me cry."
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GRACEANN WARN, encaustics





Robyn, from ART PROPELLED in South Africa, on my sidebar, always features the BEST art from around the world. Graceann Warn is a Michigan artist, and her encaustic work was in Robyn's blog this week.
I thought i'd share a few of her works that were showing at Water Street Gallery, in Douglas, MI, and post a few more tomorrow, and then the one that i have at home.
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Monday, September 7, 2009

TAOS TIME: bon voyage





bon voyage to LA DOLCE VITA (click on her blog in my sidebar to see her paintings of the SAN FRANCISCO DE ASSIS church in ranchos de taos),
caterina giglio, journeying back to our shared mountain muse!
i appreciate your thoughts of me that you shared ~~~PEACE.
more now than then.

1. a little crescent moon behind the chile ristra,
2. july at the church
3. dorothy brett's church at taos pueblo
4. ernest blumenschein's chuch in ranchos

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ranchos de taos, for caterina




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THIS CHURCH DATES BACK TO 1772 and you can see why it has always been frequently photographed and painted.
the first two shots are of the church's buttesses in the back, my favorite great big chunk of adobes!
there's a regular mudding of the adobes by many, many people to keep those walls all intact. adobe can be washed away, disintegrated by the weather over time, as you can see in the third photo.
as it should be, well cared for and appreciated .... daily!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

the playground's sheltering tree




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The ARBOREAL PROJECT was proposed to bloggers by "THE LAND OF LOST LUGGAGE" and "COMMUTERS JOURNAL".....participants are to chose a tree, or trees, to watch and photograph through the seasons of a year, the first in August.
Well, i have favorite trees, some not so close by. And of course, Michigan has millions of trees......
THIS TREE is the tree that stands outside the classroom (which can be seen in the 2nd photo) just below the playground at the school that i retired from 2 years ago. I went back yesterday to take these shots, BEFORE the students show up on Tuesday, the day after labor day.
It's among other great trees, scattered about, but this one is towering and embracing and shading and protecting and changing all the time.
The bark and trunk have been weathered by the elements and by thousands of children sitting on it, climbing, and touching it over time...sometimes serving as a 'base' for a game of easy going kick-the-ball-around.

When you're seven, there's Nothing quite like an invitation by the teacher to find a spot for reading outdoors, to take a foldable butterfly chair, or look around for a quiet place. This would always be one of those places. . .a sort of uninjured "Giving Tree."

There are THREE MORE POSTS of photos, so please scroll down...(eventually, i'll learn to link those in one post??..the tech flunky here signing off)