Thursday, June 9, 2011

IT HAPPENED: now showing in Ranchos de Taos

A FIRST: walking into a space and seeing work I'd done on the walls.

The precious little platinum images on vellum glowing in the corner from the gold leaf backing.

The long line of the silver gelatin prints.

Supportive friends.
Caterina Giglio and I have shared blogging for a couple of years and finally met...her work part of the show as well. . .and my good friend Renee, the most encouraging art pal ever...we've shared five summer workshops  at Mabel's, Studio in the Sky with Sas Colby. . .and a blog.

The show is called Four Directions, Four Visions. Once, I was like a 'rolling stone' with 'no direction home'. Not so today as I am firmly rooted right here in Michigan.  I am fortunate to have been able to share the Two Graces space for its last show at this site with owner Robert Cafazzo, Caterina Giglio, and Vicki VanAmeyden.  .  .

for the show is at the top of my sidebar.