Saturday, October 29, 2011

MASKS should stay on the wall..

the "Soul of the World" ... the source we all drink from... a theory embraced by modern psychologists

"According to this theory, WE ALWAYS TRY TO BE INDEPENDENT INDIVUALS, but one part of our MEMORY IS THE SAME. Whatever our creed or culture may be, we all seek the ideal of

"Society takes care of defining how these ideals are to manifest themselves on the level of reality....they change from one generation to the next."

"Carl Jung classified individual progress according to four stages: the first was the 
PERSONA---the MASK that we wear every day, pretending to be who we are....

but with that kind of pressure from the persona, we sort of self-evaluate:
  "Some people try to understand what is wrong, and end up finding the SHADOW (another mask), our dark side, which dictates how we should act and behave. .... ."

In my terms, a battle develops between the persona and the shadow, we hopefully accept who we really are, the Shadow disappears, and we come in contact with the SOUL.

Jung speaks of "a return to the SOUL OF THE WORLD, the source of knowledge. Our instincts begin to grow sharper, our emotions more radical, the signs of life are of greater importance than logic, our perception of reality is no longer so rigid.  .  .We react in ways that not even we ourselves would expect."

"Then we discover that if we can only manage to channel this surge of energy, we can organize it in a very solid center, which Jung calls the Wise Old Man, or the Great Mother."

...isn't it always lovely to be able to throw off the 'persona', get out of the 'shadow', and avoid the 'wise ones' taking us over?
the moment has come to throw off the MASKS,

                           to find our voice,  

use our eyes, our senses, and to...

                ... DIVE INTO THE SOUL...

Monday, October 10, 2011

led by light

                                                                   GOLDEN LIGHT
                                                                             to a
                                                                    WARM NIGHT