Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was at a new member's home for the last book group meeting.
Greetings around the dining room table, snacking and sipping wine, taking in the pieces around the room....I WAS STUNNED to look up and see this painting.

I HAD GIVEN IT AWAY IN 1999 to the owner of the Heritage Co. (architectural salvage)  a friend and historic preservationist....with a few other items from the farm where I grew up. My father had died the year before, and my brother and I finally sold the property and house. 

 It was the only original painting in our house. It was painted for my BIRTH, December 11, 1945, for my mother by a local friend in the tiny 'town' of Riverside, about 3 miles from us. I never knew what his story was, just that his name was Danny, and that he'd been a clown. . .and enjoyed painting.

 Over the years I've asked myself "WHY DID I GIVE THAT AWAY?" I'd brought it home and it  stayed in our utility room for over a year. Mixed feelings about it, the past, mostly. Well, I was THRILLED to find it again, and in the home of our new member, Martine', who'd moved here from France years ago. She assured me that if I wanted it back, she'd certainly give it to me. But, it seems to be in the PERFECT place, cherished and surrounded by lovely pieces. SO I MOVED MYSELF TO  THE NEXT ROOM AND JOINED THE DISCUSSION WITH THE OTHER WOMEN.      


Friday, April 13, 2012

the camera paints a mysterious picture

        Show up. Witness Early rising magic.
        The crispness of frost on grasses leads
         to the lushness of steam rising and rushing along the surface.
          Mix in just a little light....and sit still.

paintings happen

without photoshop layering

the way it was just twelve hours ago

love the looking back

reflecting on the reflections

the sounds 

the suggestions

and remembering soft shadings of greens through the veiling