Monday, October 22, 2012

WHERE? WHAT? HOW have I been?

these are from my time in and around Taos in August:
perfect for those of us who are
a new exhibit coming up with my "gang of five"...
i'll actually be showing new work from New Mexico,
but we needed a "gold image" above

During my time in New Mexico, one day was spent around Abiquii... That Georgia O'keefe country.

Pedernal in the distance from the walk up to Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch

a hike from 6000 to 7000 feet

Cameras ready to capture the vistas!

at the 'top' of Chimney Rock

another O'keefe 'haunt'

FOUND, some industrious souls left this for us...not an easy task to create, i'm sure

like my 'journey' with my chapter three of life, going round...

fabulous space...

BACK IN TAOS, UP EARLY FOR SUNRISE AT THE GORGE, FACING THE MOUNTAIN THAT WAS CLOAKED IN CLOUDS...morning mist? fog? it had rained a lot during the night..

THOUGHT I'D CHECK IN... Before my iMac goes in on its harddrive recall! and after my long time away from the blog....can't wait to have my computer back to check in on my favorite sites.