Tuesday, February 24, 2009


No longer private.

This is an opening
that will allow threads
of connections ...
connecting ideas that may only rattle in my head,
or they may reach out to a friend.

Openings allow "traffic" (breezes, voices, lightness)
in both directions~~~shared energy propelling or
calming. the goings and comings of vital forces.

My friends feed to me so many ways to see and
be in the world .....often detecting things about me
much more clearly than i'm able.

So many gifts come to me this way !!
perhaps the gifts i gave out daily, hopefully,
to the children in my classrooms not so long ago.
i'm in the world-learning-theatre now,
going to the "specials" of life by choice...
workshops, classes...art/gym/book groups.

taking risks, playing with purpose as means
and ways evolve to create~~~~just for the
pleasure of that.

and discovering the deeply hidden joy of
smearing paints!