Thursday, March 5, 2009


It IS about NOTICINGS. Taking time and processing.
And so it is when we connect in deliberate ways.
At least once a week, I'm on Parkview Ave driving through some of the rare green space surviving in our city limits to my favorite market. This Arched Vine would catch me as I focused on the often slippery, icy road, and I'd think about bringing my camera back .... finally did on Monday, snow evaporated, a cold but sunny day, and the arch's arms seemed to be flailing about~~greeting me. I'll return to it often, catching its active ReIntegration. .


  1. That is beautiful... reminds me of our old pal Andy Goldsworthy... thanks for sharing your blog with me. xoxo

  2. yes, when we wanted to be "goldworthy roadies"!!

  3. I love these two juxtaposed next to each other. This whole disintegration thing has me thinking and noticing too! Love this! Those gnarly vines are beautiful. xo frannie

  4. Wow. This is yet one more example of the beauty and art of nature! Glad you stopped for the photo.