Thursday, March 26, 2009

transfer process



life's third chapter.
third season..of time.
time to challenge and ponder
and play...

i loved taking this photograph
of a basket of my rocks and
learning to transfer and print
it into a book during my class
on tuesday. thanks to my favorite
teacher (she reminds me she's been
my only teacher). but, not so true.

anyway, take photo/image and xerox it. . (not inkjet, but xerox). within half an hour, tape the image in place where you want it transfered, image side down. use solvent from the hardware store, in a well-vented area or outdoors, and with a q-tip, apply solvent to a small area/maybe an inch square, and then take a burnishing tool and quickly rub over the wet area...quickly while it's wet. do this over the whole image, lifting to check occassionally. or google solvent transfers, or try (moleskine site / three robbers)
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  1. How'd you do this?????

    LOVE it.

    Tell your secrets, my dear....

    I want to PLAY, TOO!

  2. Wonderful... thank you for showing us this process, so very intriguing! Roxanne