Sunday, May 3, 2009

NOT Another Roadside Attraction




May Day Manifestations got me out with the camera to check on the winter arch, posted MARCH:ANOTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTION.
After watching this curving vine all winter, usually with deep snow mounding around it, I photographed it and then, coincidentally, saw a very similiar one at our art institute the next day, but made of steel links! alas, the dualing arches.

Soooooooo, i thought i'd check to see if it had begun to SPROUT, to MANIFEST itself for our mayday.....and it had. BUT, as i started to drive away, this circular ORB caught my eye on the other side of the road. it was surrounded by open space. ORBedBARBedWIRE. it won't be disintegrated any time soon, but i will keep a watch on it to see if it somehow disappears some other way!
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  1. This is so cool. You definitely have a great eye!