Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sas Colby's Studio in the Sky





It's almost time to start packing for the return to TAOS, and to another week of workshops at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House with Sas Colby from the bay area who is a mixed media artist/bookmaker and the best teacher/facilitator that I know. Here are some of the pictures from last year. . .In the studio, artists going into all sorts of directions by the end of the week. The mountain air, Mabel's spirit, and Sas's incredible talents are drawing us into our own processes.
There will be 14 participants, 8 that are returning. The group dynamics, the cool nights in the old adobes, the fabulous 3 meals a day, and open studio 24 hours a day...are frosting on the cake that Sas creates with her vibrancy and the activities through which she leads us. I'm posting one of my paintings from last year of seed pods, the magic of materials yielding surprises to me. Beginning on my slow journey into art investigations at the age of 60 has provided me with just the way to occupy my mind and challenge my hesitancy during PART 3 of my life!!

I'll be up in those mountains an additional week to poke around with my camera, my newest best friend it seems.

I'm excited to be in my favorite place, see some of my favorite people, and find out what Sas evokes in me, and us, again.
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  1. I loved my week at this workshop - almost 10 or so years ago now. Enjoy! I'll look forward to hearing all about your New Mexico trip.

  2. you two are gonna have so much serious fun!!! cannot wait to hear all about your trip!!! ciao bella!

  3. Here - here! Heading to Guiry's for the art supplies - wonder if it's open today....being the 4th and all.

  4. Hi Neva - So looking forward to another summer at Mabel's! How lucky are we?? Loving your posts of Taos then and now and you then and now - so beautiful, integrated. Lovely to have young memories of Taos and friends. Love the picture of you and Dennis! See you in a couple of weeks!! xo fran