Saturday, July 25, 2009

TAOS, Studio in the Sky workshop with Sas Colby




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THE MABEL DODGE LUHAN HOUSE in Taos continues to celebrate and honor life and the ART SPIRIT. Mabel, 70-80 years ago began inviting artist friends to her home, high in the northern New Mexican rocky mountains. There's a long list of those who came, painted, wrote, and often stayed on.

One more week with Sas Colby and the 15 or so participants was profound. the theme this year was LESS IS MORE, and the artspirit playful.
2009's group all in black on the steps leading to Mabel's room before dinner. Below that, a photo of Mabel Dodge Luhan, Freda Lawrence, and Dorothy Brett. . .and my "less is more" painting of the 3.
we were asked to alter a postcard to ourselves over the week's time, and the last is what i did with mine. . .original had 2 women sitting on either end of the bench (attached to my first acrylic painting of the mountain from last fall/a globby mess now recycled into an elevating experience). i was ELEVATED with art in my head all week long, and the spirit still prevails here at home again while i work on my disintegration collaboration project.

i'll have more on the work done in sas's workshop, and the sites seen: the international folk art festival in santa fe; 2 very different houses: one north and one south of taos; and just some happy/beautiful snaps!!


  1. Fun! love the pix on the steps! love your work too!

  2. Oh - don't we all look so happy? Art campers in black. Fun week!

  3. I'm inspired just looking at this group of women. They're oozing artistic energy!

    Thanks for stopping by WM.