Friday, August 7, 2009


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LESS IS MORE: stage 3...thanks for kind comments re: the process and book in the next posting. This picture shows the point of no return, when i felt i'd gotten lost in MORE, too much blue, and that birdlike shape!! i liked in this, parts i didn't, soooooooo i removed some of the pieces and sanded other parts, and folded away to make the book, which i can now appreciate. it was day 1 and perhaps you're right, i may also have let my "self-consciousness" take me to ultra-critical!!

at any rate, always good to reflect on these moments and learn about ourselves.

and the quote seems to be from David Jauss, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Maine


  1. I really like this piece, very dramatic! why not let go of your overcritical self and just play? Play, play, play! my sketches are not great art, they are just play! : }

    so, ok, the quote is not from Sas, but from David Jauss? ok

  2. Cat's right, just let it flow. It's lovely, I like all these mysterious shades.
    Art always flows its own way.
    But maybe the blue(s) claims its right to be still there....

  3. I think one thing I always try to remember is that what you take away from an art piece is equal in imprtnace to what you add on!