Thursday, September 17, 2009

don't leave home without the camera

but that's what i did this morning. no camera. odd morning. for me. the car in the shop too long, after my scrape with the garage door, and i had to be at a school at 8 share some thoughts on classroom environment with my friend's group of interns. it's been over two years.
i'm the passenger, barely awake, and wham. the tree lined road making its tunnel to drive through, vapors drifting from the fields and lake on the side of the road......

early surprise as
sun shafts warmed the grounded clouds
below trees' canopy

see? a picture IS worth a thousand words, and more than 17 syllables, for sure.


  1. It happens every time! The perfect moment and no camera.

  2. curses! I hate when that happens!!! LOL!
    but,..... the picture you created thru your words, painted in my head is wonderful and I am sure that everyone has a slightly different picture too!! ohhh good!

  3. ohhh - that camera in our pocket. ALWAYS. And BATTERIES. So, a larger purse or backback is a must. and a cell phone - just in case you experience a texting moment.!?

  4. I have to remember to double check that I put the chip BACK IN THE CAMERA when I grab it. :)Bea

  5. Like Bea I have gone off with my camera and forgotten the chip...what disappointments. Your words painted the picture beautifully.

  6. You describe this moment in time so beautifully. Your words are the pictures... Roxanne

  7. it is amazing how the perfect picture comes in view whenever i forget my camera too...

    but you did paint the scene beautifully with words :)

    thank you for stopping by and for leaving such kind words... it has been lovely to stop by and scroll through your amazing posts and photos... to laugh, to think, and to look in a few mirrors too...