Saturday, September 26, 2009

local color

back in an orchard again~~ take me home country roads. childhood memories. places to "run away" to, hide out, pout, find some peace and still make it home for dinner.

not only a good year for flowers, apples too. perhaps i haven't looked closely in a long time, but this seems overly bountiful ... laden...strong branches holding the wealth. could it be the chocolate fumes from down the road?


  1. surrounded by apple orchards, beautiful flowers AND a chocolate factory? heaven...

  2. I love apple trees. Looks like it was a good year for these trees.
    We have some but they seem to only want to put out apples every other year. :)Bea

  3. oh yes, my memories as a child too, climbing apple trees and daydreaming and making things in tree forts! sigh...

  4. yep, my memories, too. escape to the outside. far away in the fields. sky above. crows caw. hawks playing with the wind currents.

    thanks for the trip back to green, red, blue