Monday, September 7, 2009

TAOS TIME: bon voyage





bon voyage to LA DOLCE VITA (click on her blog in my sidebar to see her paintings of the SAN FRANCISCO DE ASSIS church in ranchos de taos),
caterina giglio, journeying back to our shared mountain muse!
i appreciate your thoughts of me that you shared ~~~PEACE.
more now than then.

1. a little crescent moon behind the chile ristra,
2. july at the church
3. dorothy brett's church at taos pueblo
4. ernest blumenschein's chuch in ranchos

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  1. Nancy for some reason your sidebar did not show for me. I've been having a problem with Blogger lately, it could be my access.
    Anyway, the photo and the paintings were just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. :)Bea

  2. Thank you my friend! I intend to leave a note of things to let go of with Zozobra who will be burned on thursday, I will be in Taos fortunately and will not hear his screams and moans! cannot wait to see our shared muse! ciao bella!

  3. the side bar disappeared when i posted these.....can't figure it out......maybe there'll be magical intervention.

  4. Yes, I will miss Cta during the time, when she's away.
    Blumenschein is a great name, the translation would be: "Flowershine"- isn't that great? I love the colors in the two paintings.

  5. ... breathing in Taos ...

    While I cook (bake I guess) frozen fish things (Gordon's), baked sweet potato fries, microwaved frozen peas.

    the math on these three things is hard - 24 minutes, 20 minutes, turn half way, this side up...

    Taos - breathing in...

  6. love Taos....deep abiding photos here...
    Nancy your sidebar went to the very bottom of your blog...

  7. It's been too long since I've visited your blog! I've enjoyed catching up with your work and words! Always a stellar experience. Thanks!