Sunday, November 22, 2009

my RAPT ROCKS, enraptured~carried away with deep emotion

"call and response" it is again.

about 15 years ago, i began WRAPPING some of the many rocks together that i'd long stacked around our house. I called them RAPT, from enraptured. an aveda salon wanted some to display with their products. some were sold. this entry has some of those rocks posted.
some are wrapped with their own sort of fossils, and silk/waxed linen threads, silver or copper wire, various papers.
the latest rocks also are wrapped and then waxed. i will post some of them later as part of the "response" to a blogger friend, donna. they were sent off to her. from here,lake michigan, and she'll be sending some from the pacific to me. the great trans-continental rock exchange!

this caused pablo neruda to fly off my bookshelf: and from his STONES OF THE SKY:

"Silence is intensified
into a stone:
broken circles are closed:
the trembling world,
wars, birds, houses,
cities, trains, woods,
the wave that repeats the sea's questions,
the unending passage of dawn,
all arrive at stone, sky nut:
a substanstial witness.

" (the stone) is the mute word of earth:
it says nothing because it's the heir
of the silence before, of motionless ocean,
of empty land.

"The stone was there before the wind,
before the man, before the dawn:
its first movement
was the first music of the river."


  1. These are so very wonderful! Rock bundles. Very delightful Neva!

  2. I am enraptured! love these bundles! you are amazing Neva!

  3. I love my rapt rocks Neva-- thank you so much-- my Pacific NW rocks are on their way to you. I just did a post on Japanese dry rock landscape gardens, and plan my next post on stones and will probably abscond with the wonderful Neruda poem as I plan to include your rapt rocks!

  4. "even the rocks will cry out," ... and yours are certainly beautiful and serence

  5. They are really awesome. In fact wrapping is a thing I have thought about, because when you watch children, they always have a strong urge to wrap something. And it's my opinion, that children go through all kinds of art history during their childhood. And wrapping seems quite naturally.

  6. I am enchanted by your 'rapt rocks', I can barely tear myself away from them.

  7. Neva -- how can something so hard and plain be so fragile and delicate? You did this with the delicate wrappings of beautiful papers! This definitely must be a wabi-sabi expression -- wonderful, wonderful.

  8. Oh wow! You wrap rocks? I never knew that! These are cool, very very cool. I really like the bottom pic with the texture paper and the smoothness of the smaller bundle. I love the sticks and the fibre...which means I love everything of course. I think the connection I make with them (aside from the instinctive earthy draw) is that of cocooning...

  9. Oh this is a perfect swap for you and layers btw!

  10. Beautiful rocks. I never ever get tired of finding rocks. I love the feel of them in my hands, the energy. Your wrapped ones are gorgeous. :)Bea

  11. VERY much like your rapt rocks! The rock first wrapped in paper with caligraphy...mmmm

  12. These are fabulous! So original. So creative. So simple and grounded and calming.

    I love rocks and will often bring small ones home from places I visit. But it never occurred to me to wrap them. (I have stamped on them) The human imagination never ceases to amaze me!

  13. What a wondrous "wrapper" you are !
    REALLY love this series ... .


  14. Congrats on your feature on Robyn's blog! Well deserved!

  15. amazing! such beautiful, inspiring work. I'm so delighted that you are recognized by others as well! I find so many connections personally- Eric Booth, Maxine Greene, you, your aesthetic... Thank you for sharing!

  16. these are so magical looking....and really unusual, i love the smoothness of each one~elk

  17. I just found your blog. I love the rocks. I have a love for rocks and I have them all over my studio.
    These are worderful.

  18. Found you through Robyn Gordon's blog. I can't stop looking at your wrapped rocks. I have a serious thing about wrapping stuff, and I am completely in love with stones. How could I never have thought of the two together? How perfect. Your sensibility comes through singing in these works.

  19. Nancy, you rocked my socks off with your beautiful Rapt rocks. You are a poet, visually and with words.

  20. Dear Neva,

    I am at a loss for words upon viewing these wrapped rocks of art that so so very personal.

    I have been collecting a number of rocks and distributed throughout the house and much larger ones in the garden like mini monoliths.

    Your concept of wrapping them and adding other objects has not occurred to me one slightest bit. Yet I am afraid I am compelled to make use of your idea, while also making changes and adopting other elements not revealed in these photographs. I hope you won't mind.

    Wishing you and your family all the very best this holiday season,

  21. Dear Neva, I saw these on Robyn's blog, but I had no idea they were yours... their beauty is timeless and elegant, so hard to put into words. And your quote is so moving as well. I need the book, "Stones of the Sky." Roxanne

  22. They give you a certain sense of serenity these rocks...very your rocks.

    (just visiting from Roxanne at Rivergarden Studio's blog).


  23. Greetings Neva,

    I have come back several times like a moth being drawn to a flame. There is something spiritual about the concept of wrapping rock.

    Warmest regards