Tuesday, November 24, 2009





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(yesterday's walk)

Bittersweet orange
against the bluest of skies~
forgotting summer's petals
of deep purple splatterings
with sharp sunmarked centers~

the heron waits to fly

Sunday, November 22, 2009

my RAPT ROCKS, enraptured~carried away with deep emotion

"call and response" it is again.

about 15 years ago, i began WRAPPING some of the many rocks together that i'd long stacked around our house. I called them RAPT, from enraptured. an aveda salon wanted some to display with their products. some were sold. this entry has some of those rocks posted.
some are wrapped with their own sort of fossils, and silk/waxed linen threads, silver or copper wire, various papers.
the latest rocks also are wrapped and then waxed. i will post some of them later as part of the "response" to a blogger friend, donna. they were sent off to her. from here,lake michigan, and she'll be sending some from the pacific to me. the great trans-continental rock exchange!

this caused pablo neruda to fly off my bookshelf: and from his STONES OF THE SKY:

"Silence is intensified
into a stone:
broken circles are closed:
the trembling world,
wars, birds, houses,
cities, trains, woods,
the wave that repeats the sea's questions,
the unending passage of dawn,
all arrive at stone, sky nut:
a substanstial witness.

"...it (the stone) is the mute word of earth:
it says nothing because it's the heir
of the silence before, of motionless ocean,
of empty land.

"The stone was there before the wind,
before the man, before the dawn:
its first movement
was the first music of the river."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ART PRIZE  |   Ran Ortner  

Causey Contemporary | Ran Ortner The art journey continued a week ago. Visited more galleries, and then the winner of the ART PRIZE ($250,000) in Grand Rapids, just an hour north of us.
I never cared much about seascapes...you know, the horizon with waves breaking on shore and the light shining through part of one of the waves.
but this was different. 3 panels, huge, focused and detailed.
a surprise. chosen by the voting of general public.
and the painting sold.

the causey contempory link above for more of the surf!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison
(PLEASE click on their link right above this to look at the collections)
one trip was on thursday.
a photographer friend and i went to ann arbor to hear robert and shana ParkeHarrison speak in a lovely venue, the michigan theatre in the downtown area, followed by a reception at the shusser gallery on the University of Michigan's campus in the art/design center...the pieces were about 40 inches square or larger. haunting, intriguing.
i've long been intrigued with their work, which is perhaps less about photography than performance/staging/messages for the earth. I'd seen his work at the Edelman gallery in chicago, and i'd bought his book, the architect's brother in 2000 from twin palms publishers in santa fe. a small reception with time to visit with robert about the work and their time spent in new mexico.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ARBOREAL PROJECT, the sheltering tree, part 2

This week, those of us participating in the Arboreal Project (organized by Julie @ LAND OF LOST LUGGAGE) will post photos of our chosen tree/trees...the first posting was in August. . .and here's MY playground tree, outside my former classroom at Winchell School, hugged and loved by thousands, photographed TODAY, and last week with a few leaves left, and in August.
It too seems to be a unit of
two or more trees,
gathered together for the good of all.
to nestle, hide, protect.

Friday, November 6, 2009


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my little haiku, again personifying nature, thinking of dried seeds and stalks 'napping', waiting to be reawakened in the spring:
a response to a 'call' ... not intended, but heard. by me. more than once. the beauty of community is provocation at times, provoking/stimulating>>> thoughts/responses/action perhaps. and so it is for me in the blog world. when i see that haiku simple has a new posting, i go there. and then the words start rolling in my head and i respond.
happens with photos posted, or quotations, or collaging, bookmaking, suggestions to relax, or center, or even cook!
in this case, feel and say and then happily count the syllables.