Saturday, February 13, 2010


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A gift of a poem this weekend, titled "God Went Away for the Winter, She Said" written by Renee Gregorio, New Mexico, from The Storm That Tames Us.

"It's hard between two people.
Some days we walk the clouds of these mountains.
Others I hear only complaints, the straight
lines of will. Embracing the ordinary
is wrestling the winter-god. Note the shifting
color of your skin. What is the same
can gather strength, a rolling snowball,
can be ally, mistress, lover.
Yesterday I woke to three rainbows
on the living room floor, your chest
rising and falling under my splayed fingers.
Today you said 'Look at that,' pointing
to the intricate spaces between the piled wood.
'It's an accident,' you said, meaning the beauty
that arrived outside our window, or
that you noticed it. I have a bar of soap
from Mexico with a man and woman kissing.
My friend's gift. 'This brings the man you want
to you,' she said. On the wall there's a photo
of you and me kissing, years ago now, on a patio
in Santa Fe. That alchemy once came to us, will again.
It's hard between two people. In December I wrote:
Dearest love. This is the world we've always wanted,
our breath rising and falling like one hundred magpies
under the dying lilac bush. The sun is hiding.
We are our own best kindling."


above, my rapt beach glass and twigs, 2x1 inches


  1. wow..this rings true ..the rapt heart along side the poem . such a rhythm to life

  2. I really love this poem, and her name is familiar has she taught at Mabel Dodge? your heart rock is just yummy! I heart you back! xox

  3. renee taught at mabel dodge luhan house last simmer for a morning of sas colby's workshop. i'm not sure if she has done so at other times. worth a check. she was so energizing, using body work to prompt tanka ... !

  4. A beautiful creation. And the line "we are our own best kindling" is so very wise.

  5. Dear Neva,

    Just a few weeks ago I discovered my first heart shaped stone during a storm at the beach and after picking it up and walking a little further, there was one more.

    So as I look at your beautiful quartz shaped heart I can understand its significance as I have never seen or found a heart shaped stone before, other than pictures. I just wrote about my heart shaped stones on my blog.

    Wishing you a wonderful Valentine weekend,

  6. such a beautiful photo ... I've never seen a heart-shaped rock ... lovely

  7. so you have a heart shaped beach glass-- hold on to the life force energy emitting from within.

  8. Oh, I was so hoping you would display a rapt heart rock! Thank you - absolutely perfect! And Renee's wonderful words - perfectly formed.


  9. Absolute b'ful picture! And a great poem too! :)

    Happy Valentine's day!

  10. Kindling and a sea glass heart!How very beautiful!

  11. robyn...i'm just NOT going to 'light this fire', those little kindling sticks...although that heart would have another kind of beauty, all smokey greys, after the blaze!.

  12. Great post with the perfect heart to compliment it! Happy Valentine's Day

  13. "We are our own best kindling" are words that sink in deeply and your beautiful bundle is a true example. In some ways I would like to see the remains of a burn...all smoky.

  14. "We are our own best kindling." Brilliant and thought provoking. thank you and happy Val day

  15. What a beautiful piece of heart sea glass. Just beautiful. :)Bea

  16. agreed: seth, bluesky, suki.....that line, WE ARE OUR OWN BEST KINDLING.....stunning. truth being told, for sure.

  17. I love the words. We are our own best kindling. I also like the words of the poem..
    I am still looking for a heart rock. I must be looking in all the wrong places.. Is there a secret to this...LOL..

  18. Dear Neva, your rapt beach rock bundle is wondrous, and the poem as well. I need to read it again... thank you for your help with workshops... I hope to find one that is perfect for me. Have a lovely week filled with stones and words. roxanne

  19. Love the bundle with "rapt" beach stone heart and the thought of kindling...a lovely sharing, Neva, thanks. Happy Heart Days to you.

  20. Thank you Neva - I remember a poet the time I went to the workshop with Sas, but I'll have to look her up. This poem is fabulous as are your rapt beach glass and twigs. Love it!