Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ARBOREAL PROJECT, part 3, the sheltering playground tree




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As one of many, I've posted one of my favorite trees, the 'sheltering tree' that stands outside my former classroom and graciously accepts thousands of children over the many years it's been marking the seasons on the sloping green or snow covered land around this fortunate school building.
the CHARGE: photograph a tree/trees on certain dates. the first two photos are from last week, APRIL, early spring, where it welcomes not only children, but happy robins. the last shows the shots from last august, november, and december. longer postings are dated 9/4 and 11/10 in my archive if you're interested. Julie at Lost Luggage began the Arboreal Project last August, and there are many links to see others postings as well on her site.
yes, never stop hugging trees!


  1. This wonderful tree along with the sky along with the bird...all spectacular! A great project!
    Looking for photos of Yupo play?!

  2. What a stunning tree. It (he/she) is majestic in full bloom!!

  3. A magnificent tribute to a glorious Standing One...I love this idea of photographs of trees on certain days...

    Have you seen the amazing and stunning book:

    The Life and Love of Trees by Lewis Blackwell...my oh my ...

    Happy Mother Earth Day!

  4. SO beautiful, Neva! Thank you so much for playing along with us on the collaboration. Your tree is very special indeed!

  5. it is a happy moment to see the span of time and season in your lovely photos...what a wonderful project you have been involved in!!

  6. Dear Neva,

    Trees are what grounds us and I for one tree to raise as many as possible from seeds and then plant them around the property while many others go to friends and their garden. I guess that makes me a tree hugger.

    Warmest regards,

  7. That tree in summer looks like a thunderhead cloud preparing for a storm. That rumbling, billowing whiteness in the sky, only here, it's a tree.