Saturday, April 3, 2010

spring forth



early spring here, warm and then a great rain ...
imagine, fire hazard warnings in michigan in april, true.

so the golden forsythia and pink buddings on the trees have gone mad,
daffodils capture the eye on sunny banks around the neighborhood..
but, along the trail you have to look closely ...

there, at the side of the path,
the forces find their way
breaking through
the layered leaves.
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  1. those green things look "planted"
    Like an unknown window decorator
    Stole in from places unknown.
    And PLANTED, yes planted those green sprigs
    amongst the brown.

    I miss the mitten
    in spring
    and fall
    the end.

  2. FIRE HAZARD WARNINGS IN APRIL IN MICH? can you see how shocked I am!! I remember wet and soggy bottom springs .... amazing!! the weather is really changing!

  3. May your day be as joyful as your photos ...

  4. Your splendid images and verse epitomize Spring!

  5. renee: the mitten misses you. and yes, i was "shocked"...they did look planted, and these best 'spring green'
    cat:another "shock"..there's NEVER a fire warning in michigan, let alone april. all that snow that passed us by after hitting you all....
    susan: and joyful rapture to you!
    needle woven: thank you, a splendid walk it was today.

  6. That's a beautiful path. Spring bulbs are my favorite flowers. How nice it is to see them popping up early.

  7. Beautiful words to accompany those wonderful pictures. Just love the middle picture- my eye just wanders forever down the road!

  8. the browns and greens here have merged for spring!

  9. once again-- beautiful images and beautiful words-- yes stuff is blooming and popping up and pushing out-- in spite of our terrible April here-- cold, wind storm and rain storm day after day after day...

  10. I seem to have developed tendonitis or some kind of over use injury in my left wrist and hand...making typing painful for I might not be blogging as much for a while... this includes commenting on your amazingly inspiring blog-and this is soooooo hard for me. (this is kind of a form message I've typed and am copying and pasting at all my favorite blog hangouts. Sorry it must seem completely random in relation to your post) I can still read your posts- I will be present to you in a quiet way-reading and viewing your words and images, and leaving a simple ☺
    to let you know I have dropped by and am thinking about you.

    Gentle steps,

  11. Nice to see the green bursting through!