Saturday, May 8, 2010

growth shared: mothers and more


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i thought i'd use these two monoprints (the empty silhouette filled by nature) made last year
to coax out some thoughts about nurturing and growth and friendship:

mother's day can do that,
ring memories up in me
of mom helping me along,
wanting for me what she couldn't have had.

mother made me dresses like these early on, when she could.
gave me the outdoors to dream away my cares...
a clothesline duty to feel the breezes
blow faraway places into my head,
inner thoughts out.

faraway places, sometimes exciting,
often empty~ but never for long.

spirited friends have helped heal my heart
and let breezes, and dreams, ruffle me around again.


  1. So beautiful, these thoughts and memories, more compassion for the women our mother's were now, from this vantage point.

  2. Beautiful monoprint and connection to mother love.

  3. love the soft subtle shades and the thought of connecting it to our mothering memories. wonderful bella!!

  4. Your beautiful poem and monoprints - what a lovely tribute to your mother and dear ones. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Sweet and gentle words and memories about your mom. The dress monoprints a lovely illustration of the thoughts. my mom loved to sew for me to, and for herself. she made herself suits! and me a poodle skirt very popular when i was young.

  6. Coming here always offers so much ... blessings on your day and the work of your hands.

  7. Such beauty in poetry in both the words and images.

  8. Lovely thoughts and a very interesting image. I love the dress. :)Bea

  9. beautiful remembrances .... I can just see the young girl drifting to far off places as she lingers at the clothesline .... that was a gift from your Mom surely.

  10. oh my friend the windows into your life are bright and shining!

  11. These are just beautiful- coupled with your poem to make this a perfect reflective post for Mother's Day.I just love how you created the voided space through your landscaped background and then inverted the background into your beautiful silhouette. The line about enabling the outdoors to dream away your cares has so much to truth to it. I will continue to think about your thoughts of friendship, memories and growth!

  12. you really are a gifted poetic writer Neva... your memories are simple lovely to share

  13. I love this piece. It reminds me of duality.

  14. such wonderful mono-prints, I love the negative/positive balance of the two together, they would look so wonderful framed together like that.

  15. Dear Neva,
    this is all very beautiful
    the thoughts and words of your mother
    This day can bring so much out
    of our hearts
    the breezes,
    discovering the love of being outside
    the dresses.
    Your last words especially
    of your heart healing
    and dreams ruffling around you again.
    Sending blessings for you
    of soft wind
    and whispering trees.

  16. I love these images Neva,

    quite poetic and still and ... moving!