Saturday, January 22, 2011

What WOULD we do without WOOD?

WOOD, to celebrate

WOOD, to honor

WOOD, to last

                                                                     to shelter   

                                                                     to protect

to love

                                                                         to share

                                                                  to withstand weather

                                                                    for 'reflections'

                                                                   'warming us'

                                                                   to carry us

                                                                     for creating

                                                                  comfort and beauty

                                                 for latillas, a rainbow ceiling for dreaming 


                                                       to remind, represent



  1. I LOVE this post!!!Who does not love a tree and all it can provide. I wish I could have the heart shaped log on the top of the wood pile!!!

  2. A beautiful collection, funny, my favorite image is of the wood stack! Maybe because I feel secure with a full shed, but that is a very satisfying image!

  3. The heart in the middle of one of the pieces of wood in the woodpile ... what a great series of images.

  4. That's for sure! I LOVE wood in all its forms and these images just warm my heart. Thank you Neva!

  5. I so agree with the word you have "penned" here ..and the photos convey the rich comfort that is wood..each so unique

  6. So many beautiful images and so many reminders of how important wood is to our hearts, souls, art and life.

  7. Beautiful. All the ways trees meet our human hands. Or shelter us. I recognize the dovecote, the portillo, the wood pile outside the Mable Dodge house where I've spent some lovely days. All a gift. Thank you.

  8. What a wonderful post. Thanks for the images and the thought provoking words.

  9. the heart in the center of the log is so amazing! Such a lovely thoughtful often people forget the gifts of trees and how we must tend to them, as they tend to us too.

  10. oh you have represented wood so beautifully. thanks for the perspective.

  11. Hi Neva, you must be busy-- have not heard much from you lately :-)

  12. Oh, glorious wood, I love the walkway on the side of the hill, and wonder where it leads... and that statue! Beautiful! roxanne