Monday, August 8, 2011

the Buddha and the Bridge


the original photograph
transformed by gum bichromate process:
sized arches paper, printing 4 times with negative
after coating first with ultramarine blue, then
transluscent yellow, again with black, and
another coat of blue...pigment added to gum
arabic solution...

and the Gorge Bridge...two printings, both with black...
first step is creating a digital b&w negative from the original
photograph...size paper, coat with layer of gum+watercolor
pigment powder, dry, expose with negative to ultraviolent light,
bathe a few times, dry, layer next coat of color, 
register negative in place, expose, and so forth. 

Learning new processes teaches me a great deal about myself.
I most likely will not use this technique again with all its
complexities, but it is intriguing. 

try / for more on process~~~


  1. That does sound like a very complex process....but the end result is fabulous! Always wonderful to stretch the creative muscles in a new direction...

  2. Interesting results!! That is how you find new paths - some you discover when been there once, never again - others....never know unless you try!!

  3. Perhaps with practice it will be far quicker and easier. Great results! I think it was worth the hassle.

  4. wow... fab results but I glazed over after ... "sized arches" .. it was certainly successful. ... yes indeedy..

  5. It is good to experiment from time to time-- you do find out more about yourself-- what you like and don't like-- though there does seem to be a lot of steps the results are fabulous.

  6. great buddha! perhaps part of the processes can fit in to other ones you prefer??

  7. Very intriguing indeed ... what a process. Great creations.

  8. thanks, that i stepped back from the weekend, i feel that pull to continue working with this from time to time...framed the bridge, and it carries my eye~~~~

  9. Gorgeous images and so fascinating to have a bit of a window into your process.

  10. Beautiful...I would love to know more about this process!

  11. laura...technical description @

    and some beautiful works via google ...
    hope u r breathing easy! n

  12. Wow, what you have done here with your photographs is truly spellbinding. This work is amazing. I hope you do more and more, AND more! I will keep better track of your new posts and i hope you are loving this beginning of autumn. roxanne