Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ROYAL clicks...rocks picked

a solid instrument, revisited at a friend's gathering

pressing firmly, one key, one click at a time
one word at a time, thinking about the wrapping of rocks
here's the Random stream of words I 'pecked' out of the Royal:

ROCK ROCK rock rapt
enraptured, emotionally carried away
wrapped, embraced, tied up together, gifted
courted    cared for   taken home

life transitions, life's hidden released,
cared for in the carrying, 
enrapturing your self in the process

rock ROCK stacked   paired   coupled
kept waiting for the right one
heavy load    CHOSE.    step.  set. stack.  WAIT.

Wander     Return     Layer   Lay on, Return
rock, Rapt, wrapped:      when it's right
smoothed   balanced    topple    tumble   
bind   bound   bumped    toppled
wrapped rapt enraptured by rocks

water stream     mountain flow 
sandy,  ripply,   left by the wind
water feathered,      waves washed. 
carried with great Motion

embedded quartz
    bedded-down to rest
home   rest  Repeat...Rinse    rocks.
recovered   honored   simply given

Shared with Grace

LAKE MICHIGAN ROCKS, above and below, 2010
what a difference a year made

how to CHOSE?

SAME BEACH, 2011....how to FIND?

aw, A GROUP...chose all and consider the weight


some come home with me. some leave together.


  1. Seeing the bounty of rocks on the beach made me gasp. What a wealth to choose from! And the next year, so few...

  2. what a delight ..love that beach filled with beautiful rocks ...your finished pieces are fantastic!!

  3. Neva -- wonderful, wonderful entry! your flow of words is like a marvelous trail to follow -- "left by the wind water feathered" -- sigh . . . i am happy

  4. Beautiful words - poetic with a wonderful melody. Love the "Group" rock photo. Thank you for this thoughtful post!

  5. Your images match your beautiful poetic words... I will have to come back and copy down your poetry.. and I love the rapt' rocks once again.. wonderful! and I see I have missed a post and will have to come back to read it too.. have to go get my son at the airport... but will be back as soon as I can... can't miss any of your poetry! happy holidays!

  6. What a perfect post. The images...the words..and that typewriter!