Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RANCHOS de TAOS: my friends walk with me in spirit

a short walk around the San Francisco de Asis church...a big circle... two graces plaza gallery opening of the collaborative show in my last post that included my work took place this weekend in june, and that's one of the businesses on one end of the walk-around, and there are some special spots no longer used on the other end. 

long time loved space of mine. many memories. the el cortez theater and martinez hall were across the street. a friend's studio. 

{the weekend included some rare alone time for me in taos, and the honor of some of my friends coming to the opening: old friends david and duane hopper & bob watkins from and during the last 40+ years; dear art friend renee howell from 5 years of sas colby summer workshops together at the mabel dodge luhan house; new friends holly sievers and robert cafazzo, gallery owners; and unmet until that weekend blog friend caterina giglio.}

Monday, August 8, 2011

the Buddha and the Bridge


the original photograph
transformed by gum bichromate process:
sized arches paper, printing 4 times with negative
after coating first with ultramarine blue, then
transluscent yellow, again with black, and
another coat of blue...pigment added to gum
arabic solution...

and the Gorge Bridge...two printings, both with black...
first step is creating a digital b&w negative from the original
photograph...size paper, coat with layer of gum+watercolor
pigment powder, dry, expose with negative to ultraviolent light,
bathe a few times, dry, layer next coat of color, 
register negative in place, expose, and so forth. 

Learning new processes teaches me a great deal about myself.
I most likely will not use this technique again with all its
complexities, but it is intriguing. 

try /www.gumphoto.co.uk// for more on process~~~

Monday, August 1, 2011

CHANGE is Good



                         what will happen to the Buddha above this weekend? 

I'll be taking that image into a 2 day workshop here with
 EE Smith...exploring what can happen using a
 19th printing process: GUM BICHROMATE. . . its alchemy and mysteries
   can make magic~ 

                                                         we shall see