Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"catching up" to my brother Michael 25 years later...


Kodak Gallery: NancyNeva's http://pix.kg/p/792591405409%3A1886098358/sct
the link above shows some of my brother Michael's drawings, news posts about his show at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art in 1986, where we were raised, a few snaps.
he was happiest with his natural 'art spirit' .... in the FLOW.
never a 'mistake' stopping him...just perhaps an "oops, i goofed" as he picked up his crayons again.

i think i may have wanted to follow his lead all these years, how to freely feel that creativity he possessed.
i'm not there yet, i don't feel all that comfortable putting pen or pencil or paint to paper, but i have found an expression this last year via my photography and alternative printing methods.

so finally, i'm in that same venue where his 30 pieces were shown...with my one small golden print of the church in ranchos de taos accepted into the juried area show...opening this friday. 14 counties, 600+ entries, 100+ accepted.

thank you, darling Michael, for loving and inspiring me!


  1. wonderful... just wonderful... you are such an outstanding artist... xx

  2. Nancy,
    Thank you for sharing your brother's art and amazing spirit. I think he would be so proud of you.

  3. How wonderful that things have come full circle with you showing in the same place your brother did. He seems to have been a very special and gifted person -- much like you Nancy!

  4. How awesome are Michael's works! Thanks for sharing them with us. I too wish I could be as free!