Thursday, June 7, 2012

For the Record

"for the record":
personal posting~ journaling
recording~ documenting
moments and movements
along my way

who knew the deep orange wall would be perfect for these images?
the hand over heart, the hand holding onto the stable tree.

small, sweet glimpses of HOME....
 places here and now and then and there.
and winter landscapes into spring...mist became a theme.

a year ago to the date, two graces gallery in ranchos de taos, included my photographs in a four person exhibit. this year, a few new images were included in the exhibit showcasing Mary Witkop's pottery, in memoriam.

 here in kalamazoo, i was pleased to be part of "Picturing Home" with four other artists, as well as  a showcase featuring works from the "Personal Landscape" winter group.
working with friends, friends working hard.

that smile as summary


  1. Beautiful to visit here again. Always a feast for the eyes and soul.

  2. I was so happy to be a part of that show last year, to meet up with you in person and spend time with Renee as well... so bittersweet ... the changes that came from all that... congrats on your new show... lovely images above of winter landscapes and springy mist... x

  3. Oh neva, your photographs are so thoughtful and beautiful i love the winter landscapes as well, and the way you crop and frame. Your post is filled with joy. roxanne

  4. Oh is so wonderful to see your photographs displayed like this and grouped together. Congratulations!

  5. my goodness... you have been very busy with shows and exhibits.. congrats... and your photo images are as poetic as your words.

  6. Dear Neva, your photographs have the same magic as your words. Full of wonder you are...

  7. I loved looking at these pictures, you have a way with pictures and words, very talented.