Friday, May 1, 2009

DISINTEGRATION Artists do worthwhile things and "don't catch hell":Tree Bundle


On our tree in February, "PERSPECTIVES OF PLACE",
Tri-fold newspaper, gessoed, with
watercolor images concealed
and revealed when opened on
May Day
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  1. I like the colors. Did they change much from the beinning?

  2. you know, the colors didn't change nearly as much as i'd expected. water colors....and the exterior orb seems to have changed even less than the interior arch.

  3. I adore the quote from Earl Warren. haha! Eisenhower was quoted as saying appointing him (Warren) to the Supreme Court was the worst mistake he ever made. My Disintegration Project was fun. You have lovely handwriting! - Jeanne in Oregon

  4. femminismo: who knew earl warren would end up on a YOGI tea bag??!! life is so wonderful!!
    and so is your blog. it just wouldn't let me leave a comment this morning.
    i'll try later

  5. You have and show a gentle spirit in your sacred mark making. Continue your walk in the renewing sunshine as we all renew and integrate a new mark making journey. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Hi Neva! Love that you nailed yours to the tree! Looking lovely and softened, not to disintegrated by weathered - kind of like us! Can't wait to see what you transform this into. xo fran