Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TAOS/ PEACE~LOVE: THESE ARE THE DAYS, my friend, but so were THOSE

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Somewhere along the way I've learned to INTEGRATE the then and now, for the good of all. I am the fortunate person that I am now because of all the experiences along the way. 40 years ago, 23 years old, a year out of college, out on the new frontier of HOPE, the promise of that time...Barack Obama was just 8, son of a very interesting, independent mother. Happy mother's day to her, and his grandma, and my mom, who survived all the worry I put upon her. And I survived all the worry I'd put upon myself!!
(record album cover, 1969. i'm the "den mother" with colorful clothes)


  1. I’m so very curious to know about this time, these photos, the person you were at that time, as a way to learn more about you as a person in this time. I feel nostalgia for the times. But glad I'm here in these now.

  2. Oh how I remember THOSE days... love your pix and your blog which I just found surfing this am. Taos has been my town of choice for many years now and my gallery is in Ranchos de Taos. Thanks for the memories which come flooding back of the times, they were good times, but also for the new appreciation of the NOW, which is the best of times. blessings, caterina