Monday, June 22, 2009

TAOS: 40th anniversary of the SUMMER OF LOVE? in KALAMAZOO?

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GREETED BY MY FORMER SECOND GRADERS, Pablo and Jacob. . .celebrating their last day of middle school. . .by "dressing up". I guess the Taos Summer of Luv Retro thing has spread, even to kalamazoo. We're at the 6th grade graduation of their sisters, and others that i've taught, at our old elementary school.

My how times change, or do they?

Just look at this and then the album cover from 1969 posted on MAY 10TH!!


  1. what a great pix! how fun and wonderful to be such a great influence in the lives of so many young people! You rock!
    As for the clothing, well, we would have never "dressed up" would we? we were far to serious for that I think! ciao!

  2. Love how each generation pushes an envelope. Sometimes with different generations pushing the same envelope (shhh - the younger generation doesn't know this).

    Hoping my creativity zone returns soon....