Monday, June 8, 2009

TAOS, FINALLY EXPOSED: big step, showing my WORK?

i've done very little lately.
i DO HAVE excuses.
like, work on the summer's training for aesthetic education??
hmmmmmmmmm, looking for a new haircutter???
aw, taking photos? being away?
at any rate,
one thing i did do was to frame what i've come to call "the BIG BLUE TAOS THING" because i started it last july in sas's taos workshop, and rolled it up and sent it home, taped it to the wall, and then started attacking it with my experiential devices and materials i'd bought and never used, like oil sticks. i scraped and scratched at it. and reapplied, and scraped some more. all NEW TO ME. now i've put the big thing in a lovely wooden frame, and it's ON THE WALL in the living room. the fourth piece of mine framed.
SO NOW, i look at it, and think i'd love to find out how to do "encaustic"...add ONE MORE LAYER, but just a fine film of smokey wax.

and i've added something to my blog this week. finally.
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  1. it is lovely! the colors are so peaceful, just like taos! encaustic is so easy, would love to give you some instructions. I will email them to you dearheart!

  2. REALLY? this is about 2'x3'....on heavy paper....and i had the glass removed from it. somehow i think the wax would just blend it all together in even a softer way. my FIRST "painting"...a big deal.
    that sweet little niche' you awarded was a treasure. soooooon, i'll be in two graces, being tempted!

  3. How wonderful that you have framed the big blue taos thing. You should post it's birth - on the wall at Mabel's. Journeys for all.