Tuesday, August 11, 2009


To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 'summer of luv' in taos, easy rider, and influx of contemporary artists, the Harwood Museum invited Dennis Hopper to curate an exhibition. The pieces in this first post are Hopper's. There were more. The next posts show some of the others.
There was a quote at the entrance to the show written by Dave Hickey which seems to say it all about this extraordinary place called taos:
...places might be found where the work itself might continue to be created under chastened circumstances and in my experience Taos is one of the most beautiful and chastening places in the world. It has an encouraging history of harboring fugitives, killing priests and assassinating governors. In the zone, it has probably produced more serious art and literature than any other non-metropolitan area in the U.S. and throughout this century, Taos' virtures have remained more amenable to producers of art than to its consumers. It has resisted gentrification because, for all its beauty, Taos is not a cozy place. There is not much that architecture or lanscaping can do to mitigate the daunting hegemony of the sky, the sweep of the flat, the looming scale of the distant mountains and the perpetual interference of Lawrence's ghosts. Day in, day out, year round, Taos is hardly even a human place. It is the top of the world, more the Wild West than the Southwest, more Tibet, in fact than Palm Springs. So if you want a beautiful place to work that bears with it the perpetual reminder that all you do will be broken, buried, blasted and blown away---a place that makes you brave and serious, Taos is the place for you."
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  1. Facinating art and commentry. Would love to see the exhibition myself!

    Thankyou for your visit.

  2. The introduction of Dave Hickey blew me away...I have only visited Taos twice but I felt the place and his words more than described the quality of Taos. Thanks for this post.

  3. well done my dear. this really gives everyone a good idea of the feel of the exhibit and our muse! xo