Thursday, August 13, 2009


leslie avon miller (@ TEXTURES SHAPES AND COLOR in my sidebar) a blogger who inspires me, posted a wonderful piece this morning, which prompts me to respond to the 'call', to pull out a little book i bought about 10 years ago at the getty that i used in my classroom with 7 year old children. a starting point for some. for me i see my whole life. it has amazing illustrations, which i wish i could print too, by Robin Brickman to support the text by Pat Lowery Collins and it's called I AM AN ARTIST. so notice what you notice in your life.

"i am an artist when i follow a line where it leads me.
i am an artist when i find a face in a cloud or watch the light change the shape of a hill.
i am an artist when i discover shadows made by the moon, or trace patterns in the sand, or whin i name the colors inside a shell.
i am an artist when i look through a sun shower for a rainbow. i am an artist when i find one.
i am an artist when i notice that the sea is a mirror for the sky and when i make something from the things that i collect.
i am an artist when i shoot water loops in the air with the hose or discover pictures in drops of rain.
i am an artist when i cut an apple to see the star inside or when i watch sunlight turn dust to glitter.
i am an artist when i crunch through crusted snow and stop to gather winter's hush around me.
i am an artist when i look at a bird until i feel feathery too and an orange until i know what it is to be perfectly round.
i am an artist when i run my fingers over a shiny pod or across the rough bark of a tree or when i blow on a full-blown milkweed and it splinters into tiny white puffs or when i pick up a maple-tree seed and send it spinning back to earth by its twin propellers.
i am an artist when i see that the sun comes up in a soft haze and goes down in a fiery blaze.
i am an artist when i wait for a star to streak through the night sky or when i sit very still in the woods and listen.
i am an artist whenever i look closely at the world around me.

and whenever YOU listen and see,
you are an artist too."
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  1. Ciao Nancy, very interesting Blog. I will read today slowly (My English is not good) and I will follow your future posts with pleasure. CIao, Italo.

  2. Nancy this list brings tears to my Mom was the first artist I knew. She saw all of this and taught me...

  3. Love this!! It makes me more inclined to say I am an artist, rather than just "artsy"- because I do everything listed there, and then some.................

  4. Just true!!!
    Like Joseph Beuys said: "Everyone is an artist!"

  5. I am visiting from ooglebloops (pat's) blog

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and freeing writing....I am...I artist :)

  6. Practicing artists, all.

    Thanks sweetie pie!

    Let the teaching and encouraging others to learn by your learning continue.

  7. Excellent posting! Just what we all need to hear and read again. :)Bea

  8. ya'all must SEE the book, buy it for kids/grandkids/you.....and thanks. so happy i typed it up, and then finally proofread it..oops

  9. Thought provoking. I am new to your blog - came via Caterina's blog, La Dolce Vita. I hope you don't mind - I am going to write a little snippet about your post, with a link.

  10. I, too, love the getty, cool books, seven year olds and this post :)

    p.s. thank you for your encouraging words on my blog :)

  11. nancy this book speaks to me in a deep way....thank you for sharing the text, your retreat area looks amazing as well...

  12. Beautiful words and oh so true! and worth remembering!