Friday, October 2, 2009

MY ARCH: waiting for winter




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of course, for every thing there is a season. and of course, we should "love the one we're in..."
as some of you know, i'd claimed this roadside arch of twisted vines as mine late last winter, and i keep a close eye on it as i move along in my vehicle.
it seems to be having its last hurrah as it wards off the thoughts of being buried alive under snowdrifts in the near future, and as i described it to a friend, it has a 'flurry of flaming leaves across the top, like a crew cut gone wild'...

if you have a description to add, please do so.


  1. That really is the most amazing arch. I love it's pretty Autumn bonnet in the top photos.

  2. We have some wild grape vines that wrap and cling to trees as if they are afraid to be by themselves. The strangle hold they have on a tree can choke the life out of the tree and then the vine seeks out another "friend".
    It's such a perfect little arch. I wonder if it's a doorway to another dimension? :)Bea

  3. Lovely-lovely. The second pic is my favorite!

  4. wow! your arch looks so great! this is the first time I have seen it in full color! and really enjoying your blogapalooza! way to go! xoxox ciao bella!

  5. Very neat arch!! It looks like it could be the doorway to another world, or a secret garden............

  6. Fun to drive by and watch the ever changing arch...I'm fond of the second full out greenery and I love the last in it's bare winter wood.

  7. Wow, what an arc!

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  8. It has been great to follow the changes in your arch. I want to fins a favorite season...but I have to say that each and every one is quite special.

  9. Felt like I was coming home to see your arch again. Love the many shots - close up and from a distance.

  10. Love the arch and the fact that it looks so different in the various stages of the seasons. There's a highway near my home that at different times of the year, has a place where the trees on each side of the road have their leaves touching in the middle, blocking out the sunlight.
    It's such a beautiful place- that we've always called it "the love Shack"!

  11. what a turning of colors and texture here...blissful!