Wednesday, January 6, 2010

in response to a maya angelo poem and a snowsuited child making an angel in the snow on kim's beautiful posting at WORDS ON PAPER SCRAPS(in the sidebar), i commented with this:

there were days:
for snowsuits and angels,
for fear of love,
and then falling:
for someone, for a moment,
for the snow, for myself.
for being brave
alone in the cold.

i'll add a poem from ALISTAIR REED that i've kept close by for years:

to rise to the sky you need
two wings,
a violin,
and so many things,
incalculable things, things without names,
a license for a large slow-moving eye,
the inscription on the nails of the almond tree,
the titles of the grass in the morning.


  1. Both of these poems are perfect for this white winter morning!Just beautiful images in both. What a treat! I am not familiar with Alistair Reed...will have to look him up. (The ghostly? image of the girl walking into the distance is very intriguing!)

  2. What you wrote is so beautiful ...

  3. ok ....just love your words they are so beautiful and perfect for this freezing cold winter the image is wonderful, mysterious and compelling...

  4. what a beautiful response-- and the image is mysterious and yet lit up with wonder- what is ahead?-- the light at the end

  5. the titles of the grass in the morning ..... that is something to really pay attention to .... I wonder how they read?

    Lovely lovely image to go with the amazing words - both your own and that other guy ;)

  6. Oh. These are those quiet kind of words that go straight to your heart. the nails of the almond tree and I see the climbing nails in our old hackberry tree out front, there for 25 years now. for being brave alone in the cold and I see the faces of those I know who couldn't be brave. And the image is perfect.

    Thank you.


  7. kimmie...the titles say "sit down", and "don't cut me",

  8. What a haunting image - to me it suggests the uncertainty of the New Year. The poems are evocative.