Monday, February 22, 2010




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i've always known framing was important to works of art that i'd acquired.
however, being in my sixties before i actually created pieces of my own, and
then taking a looooooooong time to realize i appreciated what i'd done: this was
another story.
so pleased is what i am since i have finally framed and hung some of my own work.
an acceptance, yes, but more than that. seeing. hard to SEE my own. strange, that self-critical voice, it causes objectiveness to depart. you all know that.

it's exciting to walk past things i've created. the first little one greets me in the foyer. and the BIG PODS finally at home at the top of the steps.....
and with the walk-bys, sometimes there's a touch of a memory that the making of the painting holds. the way the breeze felt that day i was outdoors and splashing on shellac. finding the pod that it all came from.
touchstones. personal and pleasing.
good memories
, especially today, during the LAST big snow of the year.


  1. You have done a wonderful job framing and displaying your paintings, Nancy. Did you do it yourself? They are indeed validation of your work! And isn’t it nice to see them every day and be reminded of the time you worked on them? Great job!

  2. I could just look at these for a very, very long time ... beautifully done

  3. Bravo, Neva! Wonderful works -- and yes, framing does seem to be the final christening of one's work, making it seem more legitimate? Enjoy your creativity! Are you SURE it's the last snow? :-)))

  4. You are so right, sympathetic framing can make a huge difference to a picture and seems to elevate it's perceived worth. Your paintings look wonderful, yu should be very proud. Congratulations!

  5. It looks wonderful! The dark matte and frame are perfect.

  6. Framing does make such a difference, even for fabric art quilts sometimes.

  7. way to go ..about time right?! i so relish the description of how it makes you feel to see them...the memory.

  8. just like putting on lip gloss with the little black dress! a frame is really the icing on the cake!!
    these are stunners! you are so very talented!!
    and btw the only thing missing at Starbucks yesterday was YOU!!!! xo

  9. Oh Neva, doesn't this make your home even more a part of you? I love your pieces and they are so beautiful framed, the first so swoopy, like a very organic bridge, and I love the golden balls, it's as if they are moving too. And the seed pods... roxanne

  10. Yippee for us people in our 60's that are still growing and learning. Bravo to you. I love the two different frames you chose. Did you have them professionally matted or do them yourself. Fun looking at your own work, don't you think? It makes me happy to see my "stuff" hanging on the walls.

  11. thanks, everyone...i knew you'd understand...and teri, gina..i didn't frame them myself, just picked out what i wanted.

  12. Dear Neva,

    I am happy that you finally got around to framing one of your own artworks. Yes, it makes a huge difference in its appearance, but it also does something else for the artist, it makes one feel good inside.

    Warmest regards,

  13. Yes I agree framing is very important and demonstrates the value we place on the work we've done!! A good choice - I like simple framing!

  14. In my "busy-ness" I MISSED these! Oh My. So wonderful. Bravo to you for framing - at a FRAME STORE - your wonderful ART. Smiling at the memory. of the find. of the inspiration. of the creation. vbg - VERY big grin. And that sense of "ah-yes" satisfaction for you.