Monday, June 7, 2010

the incredible lightness of rocks...




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just delivered these "newly enraptured rocks" of mine to Folio Salon...
using more of my images/photographs/drawings, a large crystal, as well as 1850's period Japanese wood block papers (the hand/japanese lettering) ~~~~~
my friend noticed that these are so much lighter than the last group.
and they indeed are. these smooth greyish-white stones call for that, and i respond.

here's Pablo Neruda's homage to the crystal:

"Quartz opens its eyes in the snow
and grows spiky,
slipping on the white
into its own whiteness:
multiplying the mirrors
it poses in facets, at angles:
white sea urchin
from the depths,
it is son of the salt
that shoots up to heaven,
glacial orange blossom
of silence,
very principle of foam:

by virtue of the earth's pride
the clarity that awaits me."


  1. Beautiful. Amazing. The writing is so dark and clear did you do that by hand? It's lovely.
    The one picture of all the rocks together looks like it should be a piece of printed fabric. The beautiful white shape on the top of one of the rocks, is that a piece of the paper you were talking about. It almost looks like part of a shell. I would love to watch people looking at them. I wonder how many can't resist the urge to hold them gently in their hands. :)Bea

  2. oh my oooo la la--- love love love these my dear Neva--- and another lovely wonderful Neruda poem to add to my collection--

  3. so very unique and individual ...

  4. Love your rocks - you always inspire me to go work with my river rocks!!!

  5. Impossible to look at your rocks and not want to reach in and hold them...beautiful and serene. Thank you for adding a touch of Neruda!

  6. !!!

    That poem! Oh, thank you for sharing it. Wonderful! I'm going to write it in my poetry book.

    Lovely collection- I especially like the third one down. It gives me a feeling of well being.

  7. I am totally dumbstruck by these wonderful stones, your skill and imagination is remarkable, and the post beautifully rounded off with the Neruda poem.Bravo!!

  8. this is a very special grouping...i know you must enjoy making shows Neva!!

  9. lighter than normal rocks?
    or more light-filled than normal rocks?
    I love what you do to these billion year old bits of our planet :)

  10. wonderful work, your stones are so gorgeous... and Neruda... oh lovely!

  11. these are wonderful! I love the way the Buddha's seem to merge completely with the rocks....all one.

  12. Beautiful wrapping and images. And they do seem lighter. I love your new picture and the one of you working at your desk. And the quartz, so magical with the Neruda poem. roxanne

  13. What a joy to discover your blog via


    I am touched. And I'm a french girl with a poor englih writing.

    Wish you a good day !

  14. Neva, I do love your rock spirit bundles and thought I wrote here to tell you so. Your bundles are a reminder of something I have done and need to be reminded of. The last image especially grabs me.

  15. These are so beautiful. And they make a wonderful collection all together.

  16. Loving your rapt rocks, so nice to visit and see them again. I especially like the rock with the hand, binding and heart. Amazing!