Saturday, July 24, 2010

LIVING THE ART SPIRIT On the edge of the desert

On the edge of the desert,
at the base of the mountain,
in between now and then...
There is a freshness
surrounding the familiar.
A chance to take on
vulnerability, moving forward
THAT is the freshness.

AND, in the air
that warm chill on the cheek,
just a short-lived wisp
as the light begins to
my spirit.

neva, july 11, 2010

Edward Hopper postcard altered for a new San Francisco friend.
THAT was day one of the week long workshop with Sas Colby, Studio in the Sky, at the MabelDodgeLuhan house in Taos. . .called Living the Art Spirit, my annual trek into my favorite place ...

between sessions, i worked in my journal....

"A bird doesn't sing because it needs an answer. It sings because it has a song."

Imagine under one roof being nourished. Listening. Waiting.

What is the real purpose of art?
Taking time to notice what's buried below.

Seeing in a new way
with Reflection.


Making connections. Putting parts together.
Experiencing: the freedom of a weathered feather.

and Playing with new materials.......
while "singing my song".


  1. missing much
    remembering moments

    OUR studio
    OUR art
    OUR friends

    THE food.

    beautiful book!
    As always - thanks for so much!

  2. How wonderful to take a workshop in Taos...I have always wanted to visit there, and now I feel I know a bit about it vicariously through your journey and lovely poetry...

  3. Oh this is so inspiring.. your art is wonderful. Thank you.

  4. sigh.....have a wonderful time. My trip to New Mexico isn't until the end of September. I can hardly wait. Beautiful photos and words. :)Bea

  5. what an inspiring environment ...

  6. Lovely inspiration... thanks for the journal pages. Feeling my studio calling, but in the midst of other work that needs completion before I can jump in fully... I'm feeling the beauty of your emersion and longing for the day I can spend again filling my journals!

    Gratitude for this amazing blogland of inspiration of which you are a part!

  7. Clearly, it is 'singing your song' that is the best art truth. I know that mountain morning air and with your photo and words...I remembered.

  8. Your journal pages are wonderful-- you clearly opened a door and went inside and opened yourself up to art and beauty and searching and finding.

  9. delicious. good things coming out of the desert.

  10. i hope it has been wonderful...your photos show such artistry ...thank you for taking me there through your art journal

  11. What is the real purpose of art?

    Taking time to notice what's buried below

    this "depth" rising here, gentle. Powerful.
    i think the little fragment of mirror at the end is Exactly the yes to the seeing, as world and others are mirroring the light into us, effortlessly (because what must will) just as the bird sings because the bird sings.

    thank you

  12. dear neva, thank you for sharing this journey into your art, your pages- so meaningful, your words of beauty... roxanne

  13. This journal is so enticing and creative. And I bet the retreat was rejuvenating and inspiring. Wonderful to see all this creativity in one post.