Sunday, October 31, 2010


good to go away.

not too far,

not for too long.

  into that transitional time
 that meshes the separateness of seasons
and reconnects particles of self.

no expectations. 

new surroundings.

two familiar and generous friends
savoring quiet 
time to walk and shoot, 
shoot snaps to share. 

 crisp and wild winds clearing heads...


sleeping well alone in an upstairs room to the roar of  waves.


  1. oh lovely, the roar of waves and good times...

  2. The sitting area grabbed my heart...all the photos spoke of time away but the sitting area said there was a place inside that was as much a sanctuary as the outside. Beautiful to me.

  3. magnifiques photos! c'est beau..

  4. The first and last photos are breathtaking. And I love your words in this post too. So very poetic.

  5. oh this window into your life is clear and refreshing..stunning photos !!

  6. Such beautiful photo imagery here-- especially the trees-- and the poetic words to match. looks like you are having a wonderful 'away' right now.

  7. Oh that last image is breathtaking! Savoring quiet.... time to walk .... reconnecting particles of self ... bliss.

  8. beautiful images and words. I could curl up in that chair right now.

  9. The first work is the daybreak. Or sunset.

    Even if it is the whichever, it is fusion of the colors that are good for "Opening".

    Thank you.

  10. Lovely clear air in this post with images and words. Yes, good to get away, healing and regenerating.

  11. oh how lovely neva, truly, truly. I'm going away for the weekend with my husband...just the two of us to the mountains...and I am so deeply looking forward to our time together in our sacred mountains we love here in nh.

    I want to invite you to join in and add your voice to my gratitude quilt for thanksgiving...directions are at the top of my blog! I hope you'll share a square of what you are grateful for in THIS moment!

  12. What a lovely place, and sleeping in the upstairs room listening to the ocean, what could be better? roxanne