Wednesday, April 28, 2010






good company keeping...

my rapt rocks in their temporary home,
FOLIO salon & boutique,
whose owners also showcase an homage
to nature in their works:

larry builds bird-friendly, chemical-free houses with
recycled materials and whimsy
, donating sales to
the local land conservatory;

laurie's photographic images and ecaustic work
are shown here as well as her handmade books

and my wrapped 'rapt rocks'...

it's more than a place for the best haircut ever!
it's a wonderful place to shop as well!

take a peak at
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

my complements





koan: matsuo basho

there's not much to say,
but there is something about pink with green
coming off as opposites on the big wheel...
a long walk with a good friend, two cameras,
few words, abundant beauty shared
in gratitude
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ARBOREAL PROJECT, part 3, the sheltering playground tree




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As one of many, I've posted one of my favorite trees, the 'sheltering tree' that stands outside my former classroom and graciously accepts thousands of children over the many years it's been marking the seasons on the sloping green or snow covered land around this fortunate school building.
the CHARGE: photograph a tree/trees on certain dates. the first two photos are from last week, APRIL, early spring, where it welcomes not only children, but happy robins. the last shows the shots from last august, november, and december. longer postings are dated 9/4 and 11/10 in my archive if you're interested. Julie at Lost Luggage began the Arboreal Project last August, and there are many links to see others postings as well on her site.
yes, never stop hugging trees!

Friday, April 16, 2010

hot wax, loose arm, my mountain, and color PLAY




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SPRINGING into action...
it's not all walks and no play.
loosening the spirit and the arm
with color for my continued repeated
renderings of MY mountain...

{the last one, my other obsession, arches..
more to come.
the 2 top photos are oil sticks on board, 5"x12"
and a couple layers of beeswax}

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ribbon, pins, wall





Last night's opening of the West Michigan Area Show, Kalamazoo Intstitute of Arts...juried, 660 entries, 104 chosen pieces...tremendously diverse pieces.

This caught my eye, reminding me of my honeycomb geometry. One piece White Ribbon, pins in the wall on penciled grid. probably 6 ft square.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

spring forth



early spring here, warm and then a great rain ...
imagine, fire hazard warnings in michigan in april, true.

so the golden forsythia and pink buddings on the trees have gone mad,
daffodils capture the eye on sunny banks around the neighborhood..
but, along the trail you have to look closely ...

there, at the side of the path,
the forces find their way
breaking through
the layered leaves.
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