Friday, January 27, 2012

In the Midst of Light

Images from the class's first winter trek two weeks ago. 

"We are constantly in the midst of light. We are surrounded, bathed, and nourished by it. This miracle we call light can transform. It can teach, reveal, evoke, and heal. It speaks in many voices."

"We tend to see light as something that makes form visible, but             light reveals much more. It reveals us."

"In the subtle, soft undulations of a snowscape illuminated by an overcast sky, in the rare presence of a backlighted, towering, ancient oak, both subject and photographer are revealed. Light makes visible invisible."


Quotations in this post from John Daido Loori's book, Making Love With Light

My friend and teacher Mary Whalen used her 'stereoscopic' combination camera on the walk. She caught me here,  in the light


  1. des photos extraordinaires..magnifiques, spécialement la photo-titre..un rêve!

  2. Beautiful textures and, well LIGHT!

  3. Neva, the photograph of you in the snow makes me feel as if I'm right there. I'm just waiting for you to turn around and wave :-)

  4. What a wonderful photo journey in the light and snow. Beautiful. Light shared.

  5. Beautiful shots! I'm amazed in the first photo, how the shadow play changes from revealing the textures and 3 dimensionality near the light source - to becoming very flat and stark farther away from it. I had never noticed that before.

    1. kimmie....i wouldn't print that first, or second, image that way, but for my blog: i used iPhoto and played to emphasize the "light" for this post. your 'great eye' sees all!!!

  6. I have ordered the book and it is on its way.. beautiful imagery.. playing with light.. I like how that sounds.. and looks.