Thursday, January 12, 2012

Making Love with Light

light is energy,
energy is enlightening.

the group settles:
six souls.
one brave one 
begins our journey by
feeding us from Minor White,
Yasuhiro and Tichy~the tarzan that retired,
the creative spirit resurrected
from his confinement
stretching to ours.

we meet again in the morning
 and settle into wooded waters...
the six of us ready to relax into 
'making love with light'.
i step out into the night
looking for the moon
hidden behind the promise of snow
begin this new relationship.

the title is from the book
Contemplating Nature with Words and Photographs
by John Daido Loori

And reminding myself:
MY mountain light is wherever  I am.


  1. love this phrase--Making love with light.
    Its a daily mediation.
    thank you

  2. it's the name of a book recommended for this session...and i ordered it last night.

  3. I love the title of the book... I am going to look for it at you are such a poet with words- always bringing "light" with them.. so you will be off with a group walking and taking photos it sounds like.. wonderful!

  4. is wonderful to be part of a discussion and journey of the 'art spirit' in ourselves and in the world ... rather than just technical aspects of processing that scramble my brain. there'll be darkroom time, certainly, but not the focus...just the 'evidence' of the focus, which might be OUT OF FOCUS, and it'll all be ....WONDERFUL! x0

  5. gorgeous...I love this concept, this reality, it is what I feel when I take photos focused on light...pure love!!!

  6. How wonderful! for most of us, nighttime is not a light filled photography expedition .... but you found it! and I love how YOUR mountain light is wherever you are :)

    p.s. your own "rapt" stones have been an inspiration to me (re my meditative painted stones)

  7. Just love your
    "Mount light is where ever you are". Just breathtaking.

  8. 'I step out into the night, looking for the moon'.... the beauty of your words IS like a love poem. I love your joyousness as you begin...

  9. That last image is remarkable!

  10. Basking in the mountain light, finding the silver lining and enjoying your post and images.