Sunday, January 1, 2012

a new cycle: the arch and the year

MY Arch

My 'roadside' attraction, my arch,
 hadn't been visited by me in some time

Being the first day of our new year
I felt it was time.

A short drive, really.
No texting while driving
but 'shooting' the road
was a must.

often my forte'

Cold rain, with an occasional snowflake,
gave the weathered basketweaving
a certain sheen in the dreariness.

I wondered if my camera would be 
all right in this wetness as I pondered:
Nature has its way of deepening thoughts,
of warding away concerns and time.

The arch pulls me in.
It stands tall through the years.
Grasses were not cut in front of it.
I wondered if the road crews had ever
considered cutting it away.
Should I inquire?

Fate can't always be trusted.

There are a few older posts of this arch in different seasons from the last couple of years. Enter 'arch' in the search box, or click on the titles in the Labels box right below this. 


  1. Your arch is a wonderful. I am glad you found it. I am glad you shared.

  2. wonderful gnarly branches...just the thing to get lost in. i used to pass an old mulberry tree that had equally wonderful gnarls and holes and blacks. i always wanted to photograph it and on the day that i finally remember to take my camera - i speak the truth - the owner of the property was cutting it down. said it was eaten through at the core and didn't want it to hurt anyone...lesson, never hesitate.

  3. Such colors. Your weaving seems "awake" and a portal. Perhaps into Spring, or the immortal

  4. there are a few older posts of this arch over the last couple of years...take a peak

  5. your arch still looks wonderful... is weathering beautifully...
    and what a touching post below of you and Jerry, just lovely to see so many images thru time...
    yes, the city was great... it would be fun to meet up with you two there.. eh?? mmm mmm mmm! xoxo

  6. What a beauty mark this arch is! happy, happy new years to you dear Neva.

  7. What a cool project! I love it!

  8. It's always a pleasure to see your images of this extraordinary arch no matter what season it is. I think I love the leafless phase the most.

  9. Beautiful photos!
    I think of you every time I pass your arch. Are you going to do a series on it this year?

  10. Love that arch - hopefully it will never be cut down - but you have photos........

  11. I loved revisiting your arch. To me it represents strength and beauty. The perfect way to start a new year and I hope you post pictures throughout 2012 of its continued growth and change. Wonderful!!

  12. you have the vision of a true artist the natural arch ..

  13. Your arch reminds of the Peace Arch with is north of me between the US and Canadian border.. there is something about the ARCH.. connecting from one end to the other.. connecting

  14. une arche..un arc en ciel! beau!

  15. the arch, part of the circle, the connecting of all, leaving the opening...hmmmmmm...sounds like it could become my banner at the top???
    thanks all....mother nature: the most fabulous artist of all.

  16. Satisfying. Leaving your mark and measuring time.

  17. Your arch's pull on you at the new year is like a magnet.
    If I were a child I would have loved to walk through it
    and feel it's magic.